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להפיץ את האור

חֲנוּכָּה שֶׁל מַעֲשִׂים טוֹבִים

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Warming up hearts for Hanukkah

Just like the Shamash shining its way,
lighting the candles day after day,
Its light does not fade
it passes on bright,
I can shine too, spreading my light!

First I "turn on the light" within me.
Then everything's clearer, I'm able to see: 
How special I am, A unique work of art!
And now I can go and light up other hearts.

When I smile, lend a hand, truly listen or share,
a flame lights up in others,
one that always was there.
And my inner flame,
shines on stronger and bright,
It only expands when I spread out my light.


Join the "Notes of light" Hanukkah celebration!


Create colorful notes, carrying messages of light and miracles, and hide them in special places for people to find.

(You can Washi-Tape them to poles, mirrors, doors etc.)

Lets go!

Hide notes? For whom?

Part of the fun is not knowing who will find your notes of light.

A neighbor walking their dog?

A kid at the park?

But you sure can imagine the smile your notes will bring to their faces.

"Notes of light"

Please welcome the new and beautiful notes of light of Hannuka 2023.

The hebrew version also has a special eddition of notes, calling for the return of the innocent hostages in Gaza.

May lights guide their way home. 

Notes with text

Screenshot 2023-12-04 231724_edited.jpg

Write your own message

Did you spread your light?

We want to see!

Post pictures of your "notes of light"

and the cool places you hid them,

mention @pass_on_the_miracles on Instagram,

and inspire the world

to join the celebration of light.


A colorful illustrated Pesach "Hagada" for the whole family, in Hebrew.


"והגדת לבנך ולבתך״

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